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Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) based skin care products is a natural cosmetic in the truest form that delivers nutrition directly to the skin. Known to contain high volumes of Lauric Acid, VCO is used as the base ingredient in the development of Wรญsderm Cosmetics skin care range. VCO also acts as an emollient which facilitates the delivery of nutrients, improving skin structure and is suitable on all skin types. The featured products are free from paraben derivatives and toxic materials. Wรญsderm cosmetic skin care range includes Gentle Revitalizing Cleanser, Refreshing Comfort Toner, Day Moisturizer and Night Whitening Moisturizer.

An ideal light texture face cleanser suitable for all skin types. Gently removes impurities while protecting skin with its moisture-rich formulation based on Virgin Coconut Oil and plant extracts. A plant derived cleansing agent and free from SLS, SLES, ALS and ALES.

An alcohol-free, refreshing and purifying toner. Instantly and effectively conditions, purifies, refreshes and replenish lost moisture to the skin. Acts as and astringent with natural virgin coconut oil and botanical extracts to soothe and comfort dry or sensitive skin while maintaining its natural pH balance. Resulting a fresh, purified and shine-free skin

Formulated for calming, protecting and instantly comforting all types of skin. This product is based on Natural Coconut Oil which enhances the natural balance of the skin and promotes youthful radiance. Wisderm Day Moisturizer easily absorbs hydrates and moisturizes, leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and soothing. It includes SPF15 that acts as a sun block and protect the skin from UV lights.

A rich night cream that moisturizes comforts and calms the skin while sleeping and act as moisture barrier. Replenish the skin with natural Virgin Coconut Oil, Amino Acids, Vitamin E and botanical extracts. Richly textured night cream aimed at dry and sensitive skin types that nourishes and hydrates the skin. It restores the moisture balance of the complexion and promotes a brighter healthy skin. Contains natural whitening agent extracted from the root of Morus alba.


Wisderm Skincare Travel Pack 

- set penjagaan kulit berasaskan bahan semulajadi iaitu minyak kelapa dara (VCO) 

- mengandungi Asid Laurik yang tinggi 

- membaiki struktur kulit dan sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit 

- bebas dari paraben dan toksid 

- terdiri daripada Gentle Revitalizing Cleanser, Refreshing Comfort Toner, Day Moisturizer and Night Whitening Moisturizer

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