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"Wisderm Whitening Rejuvenating Serum" telah berjaya dibangunkan hasil daripada kajian kerjasama di antara Institut Pembangunan Bioproduk, UTM dan Dongguk University, Korea Selatan. Melalui kajian yang telah dijalankan selama 2 tahun, ekstrak herba Mas Cotek mempunyai kandungan antioksida yang tinggi. Herba ini telah membuktikan ia berjaya menjadi salah satu daripada pengganti kepada bahan pencerah sedia ada yang rata-ratanya berasaskan kepada bahab bukan semulajadi. Kajian ke atas sel melanoma B16F1 menunjukkan bahawa herba ini berjaya menghalang berlakunya aktiviti tyrosinase. Aktiviti tyrosinase merupakan proses di mana pembentukan sel melanosit dan hasilnya kulit akan bertambah gelap. ini dapat disimpulkab bahawa, herba ini berjaya mengurangkab pembentukan melanosit dan juga merencatkan keaktifanya secara langsung dan hasilnya kulit akan bertambah cerah dan sekata.

Wisderm : Back to Wisdom. Back to Nature
WISDERM brings you back to the natural source of beauty care. Discover the nourishing benefits of natural ingredients from traditional Malaysian herbs. We bring you the folk remedies of yesterday, tested and refined by modern bioscience, then painstakingly formulated for your skincare needs.

Whitening Rejuvenating Serum
Formulated with Ficus deltoidea (Mas Cotek or Mistletoe Fig) as an active ingredient, WISDERM Whitening Serum is a truly natural way to protect against skin discolouration.

Originating from the wild tropical rainforests of Malaysia, Ficus deltoidea is better known to traditional Malay herbalists as Mas Cotek. For many generations, village households have brewed the herb into tea as a postpartum treatment. It is also used to improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure, and the leaves of male and female plants can be mixed for use as an aphrodisiac.

Thanks to the advances of modern bioscience, F. deltoidea has made the long journey from the rainforest to the laboratories of the Institute of Bioproduct Development. With skin whitening effects that have been tested and borne out by painstaking research, F. deltoidea has been chosen as the main active ingredient in WISDERM Whitening Serum.

 All Natural Protection for Active Skin
WISDERM Whitening Serum is designed to regulate and safeguard the skin complexion of women with active lifestyles. The Whitening Serum has been formulated with F. deltoidea extract as an active ingredient for controlling melanogenesis, along with a complete package of nutrients for skin melanocytes and keratinocytes, including vitamin C, ceramide, hyaluronic acid and also some hydrolysed proteins and amino acids.

Safeguard the mystique of unblemished skin with a solution that is truly natural: WISDERM Whitening Serum.

Behind the Science Behind the blemishes
Your skin cells are remarkably resilient and adaptive, protecting you from dehydration, infection, and environmental factors such as sunlight and rain. However, this protection takes its toll. In particular, one of the effects of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is the formation of unsightly skin blemishes.

Dark blemishes form as a result of melanogenesis. In this process, the melanocytes in your skin generate the skin pigment melanin, which is transferred to neighbouring keratinocytes, turning the skin dark. Because too much UV light can increase melanogenesis, these dark blotches are common in tropical regions that receive unceasing amounts of sunlight throughout the year.


Ni pengalaman fiza hari pertama (26/8/2014) pakai  "WISDERM WHITENING REJUVENATING SERUM" . fiza suka bau dia.. wangi dan yang best nya dia tak melekit. bila kita sapu kat muka dia terus serap. suka sangat ngan produk UTM ni...

jika berminat boleh:pm/sms/whatsapp fiza:0137046851


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